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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Is This a Gay Love Story? A Retelling of Robinson Crusoe

"First published in 1719, it is sometimes considered to be the first novel in English. The book is a fictional autobiography of the title character—a castaway who spends 28 years on a remote tropical island near Venezuela, encountering Native Americans, captives, and mutineers before being rescued."

Penguin Classics – pg 209 – Last Paragraph

The interpolation, or addition, begins here:

"'..When that day was finished and the sun ready to wend its way towards the West, we returned to our castle; it was ours now for God in His benevolence had sent me a companion. Thus, being so glad at my fortune whereby we, upon finishing our supper, decided it was time to call it a day.

I cannot easily recall how it happened but in the beginning it was just a tug I felt in my loins, a warm current taking over and making its way to my brain, making me aware that I had been alone now for close on 24 years. Life now puts me in the presence of this beautiful creature, no more a savage to me but a kindred soul, someone I have learnt to be dependent on. I look at him, warmly, perhaps awestruck, when he seemed to have detected my innermost intentions.

As he was about to amble over to his bed, he hesitated and as if divining my thoughts which could not be verbalized and acted upon, he sidles up a bit and then walks up to me, at first touching my knees, running his hands towards my loins and undoing the makeshift clasp of my breeches and as if amazed at the sight of my anatomy, he reaches over and touches me gently, sending a wave of pleasure up my spine and as he comes closer as if to inspect me, he does things to me I cannot explain. Whereat, I pull him up towards my face and kiss him, at first tentatively and then with a passion hitherto foreign to me. He returns the offering and we strive to get the both of us into my hammock where we embrace and feel good in each other’s arms.

Exploring further, we give up and yield to the newly-found revelation that is mutual pleasure. We had found each other. This is nothing, I say, but the hand of Providence at work.

We carried our days mostly in the same fashion; we wouldn’t do it otherwise. The blessedness of discovery, at first strange, gave way to what most people call love – that invisible bond that unites people as if it were the strongest of ropes from which one cannot extricate oneself. So we led our lives, the two of us in our paradise – undiscovered, unbothered, in bliss….'"

End of interpolation. Next in bed: Sherlock Holmes and Watson.


  1. I guess I need to read that book after all...

  2. Eduardo, I thought I should add a bit of spice to the story...I know that in Academia others have read the same thing into the book. I went one step further.

  3. The Holmes and Watson thing has always been a favorite fantasy of mine! :) I love Sherlock Holmes stories. The recent movie didn't actually get there, but your story sounds fascinating! :)

  4. I won't disappoint you, Stan. Cheers!

  5. How thought-provoking! And probably not too far off the mark -- even fairy tales have strong sexual undercurrents. Goldilocks, for example, and all her bed-hopping... ;-)

  6. I read Robinson Crusoe when I was about twelve, even then I felt a strong sexual bond between them (hoping anyway).... I loved the thought of being cast away with just one man..away from the stupid in the 21st century I live with my boyfriend, so dreams do come true after all.

    1. Thanks, phil Armond. There's that "thought" that there is something else to the story, but hey! I may be far extrapolating my boundaries. Cheers to fanfiction! Thanks for your comment. :D