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Friday, June 11, 2010

On the Vuvuzela Sound and the Bizarre

All the very best of luck to Football (Soccer) fans everywhere. I have other fish to fry.

While frying, I will be doing the dishes, the sweeping, the ironing and will be airing out our dirty linen.

You don't know half the story: Like this person in the north of this country who has been charged with abusing his own daughter, having seven children with her, and then abusing two of his own grandchildren/children. Disgusting.

No, I'm not a spoilsport. Naa, I'm just philosophical to the nth degree. It's not like I'm throwing a spanner in the works of your soccer bliss. I'm just reacting to grim developments and scratch my head at the bizarreness of it all.

You see, how can someone subject themselves to abuse for such a long time? Words fail me.

Change of tack, do you think the vuvuzela is too loud? Is is getting in the way of your game? There is a debate going on...


  1. I want an underdog team to win the World Cup.

  2. I think an underdog team would be any team other than Brazil, Argentina, Germany and perhaps Italy. It would turn the world upside down if an African team were to win the cup and probably destroy it if the USA were to win.

  3. I hate to admit I don't follow the games.

  4. I've only recently picked up Soccer (Football) as an interest so barely know what's happening...I'm just glad they keep moving. Thanks for the warning about the vuvuzela, it's really an odd sound and never let's up.

    I've seen some stories here about men abusing their children, but never for so long or parenting their own grandchildren! How awful, imagine how those kids are going to have to try to cope for years to come.

  5. Curious, I agree, it would be a paradigm shift if ever an African team were to win the World Cup; Raulito, you may have other concerns in life as well; Marc, that story is atrocious. The guy is being kept in a separate cell, they say, for his own well being.