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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On Warring, Scarring and Propaganda

We admit to being completely ignorant of military affairs and the way war campaigns are conducted in foreign shores/territories.

The latest scandal involving one American general is illustrative of the importance attached to such matters and we feel the reaction by the American civil authorities and the subsequent removal of the embattled general to be of consequence.

Naturally, given the high stakes and the myriad losses of lives in both camps, we believe policies designed to carry out belligerent affairs in distant lands are to be approached with the utmost respect.

While we hope and pray wars in rugged territories, be they to root out rogue militias or for the prospection of minerals lying under the soil, were a thing of the past and, also knowing that this is merely chimerical, that at least the weakest in the link were spared the rigors of battle.

The dovish amongst us cringe at every life lost over an ideology that will only reach a few on the planet, be it North or South. At the same time, we cannot possibly be termed prejudiced to the continual progress of the world since we believe the dispossessed should also be given a chance at a "future" by heavy investment on education and/or on an evolved consciousness that Peace, however illusive, is achievable and an attainable goal for the sake of the whole Planet.

Meanwhile, in the Cultural Industry in the Guardian of World Peace, magazine covers illustrate what many in Academia term as propaganda and others scratch their heads in thoroughgoing disbelief.

But hey, this is not a perfect world!

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