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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gotcha! On Spies and Modern Intel Gathering

Spies Like Us: The Russian Suspects' Unremarkable Lives


Although the sultry, red-headed suspect, Anna Chapman, has become the face and figure of the scandal, most everything about the suspects seemed quotidian — even boring.

Well, thank goodness it was quotidian and boring. And the sultry red-headed is no Mata Hari. Or is she?

Can you imagine if these spies were somewhat other that your every day Jane and Joe Doe? With a terrifying agenda, like blowing people to smithereens and turning the establishment upside down? Luckily times have changed and now you can be a spy and very nearly morph into the local culture without being noticed. What about the accents? Well, they must have undergone years of elocution classes.

That is, up until you are caught and then dragged into court in shackles and made to divulge your real name and ideology.

As we all know, the current arrests and media glare will not put and end to the business of spying and Espionage (lovely word!) will continue to effervesce in our dialectical cultures.

This time, obviously, on this side of the pond, the operatives have been caught and exposed for all to see, if you care. However, we know it is a two-way road.

So what is the fuss? The fuss is just that thing, nostalgic even, when female james-bondean creatures wreaked havoc in international relations and brought charm and a little bit of sexiness to the whole affair.

Time is right...It is all so mundane. I'm disappointed.


  1. I would prove you wrong telling you about all the fun I've had working undercover but then I'd probably have to kill you...