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Thursday, July 8, 2010

On Capital Punishment and Unanswerable Questions

Can you imagine being lashed 99 (!) times and face death by stoning for adultery? We do know some people for various philosophical beliefs take their marriage vows very seriously. We accept that. It is a question of personal choice.

If I decide to study ancient texts and derive good from them and apply them to my life, who is going to stop me?

Good? What is "goodness"? Who is to say that my truth is your truth? Or what I have chosen for myself is what you have to choose for yourself?

Perhaps we should ask them to stop the world so that we can get off. Is that a kosher thing to do? Getting away from things that causes untold discomfort and suffering? How long till we get to a world of tolerance and we no longer judge people based on what they do with their lower abdomens but for the goodness of their hearts?

Now, do you not agree that this is vastly disproportionate to the alleged "crime"? We are so vile, we are so disgusting as a species, we are so deplorable, we are unfathomably ignorant of the Real Goodness that permeates the Universe.

Why do we not remove the scales from our eyes?


  1. As an answer to "what is good?" Currently am in an ethics class and the professor has put forth an interesting starting point for an objective ethical system: Those things we need because of our human nature (ex: Knowledge, physical/mental health, friends...). What the implications are for situations like this, no idea yet.

  2. Great points you make. I agree what might be good for you might not necessarily be good for me and who are we to impose our ideals of what good or bad is on others. I have always subscribed to live and let live.

    At times I think the world is becoming a hateful place filled with stupid people and at times, I see so much hope for equanimity and acceptance.

  3. Marc, it all about the imposition of values some of us will find anachronistic that really takes the cake in the text. Virginia, ain't it awful that there is little we can do about it? I'm losing hope...

  4. One has to keep in mind that good and evil are a lyon a gazelle is good - to a gazelle, a lyon is bad.
    How it affects one makes a world of difference. To us gays, most Christians with an erroneous interpretation of the Scriptures have to be, by pure and simple logic...something bad. To them, they rationalize it and we are the ones who are bad. How do you reconcile? you don't...we have to be as indignant as we need to be and call it out, be "in your face" to them and they will have to eventually desist.

  5. Raulito, we have long been inured to the bad treatment bestowed on us by the many Rights out there. What about women?