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Thursday, July 1, 2010

On My Humble Origins and Feelings of Gratitude

Since this is my anniversary month here on Blogspot,I have decided to write encomiums to myself, something akin to Whitman, or all those who have exceptionally high levels of self-esteem.

We all hail from somewhere.

I did. I was born and raised in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul in a small, “provincial” town to the north of the state, ironically called "small field" in Tupy-Guarany, the indigenous language prevalent in our neck of the woods way back before they came...

I am them. I embody the many genetic traits that make up this people.

I remember when I had to hoe endless rows of soybean plantations when I was a kid, Summer and Winter.

Later, I learned a great deal when forced to live out my Karma in that unforgettable urban agglomeration where I went to school and had a job.

I used to live and work with wonderful people I find hard to forget (they are in my heart). As is the norm, people who are “different” have no place in the conventional set-up and find themselves misunderstood. I experienced that to the hilt. What a rough row to hoe!

However, people I had the privilege of interacting with professionally and in friendship could only have hailed from another planet. Many raised their voices to put in a good word for me. I miss them.

To how many have I taught the rudiments of English?

I don’t miss the others. To them I say: My karma has been paid off.

William Thomas Blackburn, Boy with a Hoe, oil on canvas, ca. 1940s


  1. And you have done exceptionally seem to have it together and your English is impeccable...I only wish my Portuguese was as good as your English.

  2. Your usual gallant self, Raulito. Thank you.

  3. Happy anniversary. I like the new look. It seems then that you hadn't done anything but that Blogger wanted you to pick a new look. Maybe?

  4. The look was there for some time, J.P. I did have an excess of text in a previous post.

  5. Congratulations on making your anniversary. A lot of people don't make it past the first few months, but you have been consistent in your efforts and have left an indelible impression on most who read you.

  6. Curious, what lovely words..Thank you.