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Sunday, July 4, 2010

On Reference Centers for Gay Rights in Rio

Mix Brasil

The city of Rio de Janeiro has just won a mega center that will serve the LGBT population in several areas for legal, psychological, and safety matters.

The Reference Center against Homophobia, Religious Intolerance and Discrimination Against Patients with HIV was inaugurated this last Thursday - July 1st, in an entire floor of Central do Brazil, in downtown Rio.

"It's a milestone. It is a concrete response by the state in view of the violence against people belonging to this segment of society" said Claudio Nascimento, superintendent of Individual and Collective Rights in the State Government, at the inauguration. "It is the first state in Brazil to have a space that focuses attention on these matters, and we will make concrete actions in support of these groups, who have won a framework for the protection and promotion of their causes," added Claudio.

Besides Claudio, the Minister of Environment Carlos Minc and the mother of young Alexander Ivo, 14, murdered by homophobes in São Gonçalo, also attended. "Rio is composed of a wonderful cultural, sexual and religious biodiversity, said Carlos Minc. "Cases like Alexander Ivo should be symbolic and that impunity is a tragedy," he added.
Campaigning is working. Is the flag beginning to heal?

Art: Fabiano Spadari