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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Open Letter to the Advertising Industry

Dear Advertisers,

I cherish the thought you are there and your raison d'être. You contribute to the creation of jobs and, quite frankly, you are a positive force in the world.

How else are people to know of the latest developments in technology and its ever increasing desire to surpass itself in virtually all fields in modern society? Chiefly because of you, we all know.

Upon learning that social networking sites do usually grant access to your prying eyes, I have decided to come clean and bare my chest, so to speak, to let you know that no amount of canvassing my personal information on sites, including this one I am currently using, will be of any benefit to you.

I hereby declare that, at the moment, I am barely eking out a living and find myself scratching and scrimping in order to make my frayed ends meet.

It is not that I do not want to go on shopping sprees and book an elegant room next to a swanky mall, I do too, but because my present circumstances do not allow me to even think about splurging my meagre income.

I sincerely hope I can turn this situation around and make myself readily available to your enticings if that is to bring jobs and make this world a better place. You most obviously know due to your proximity to Wall Street, that it is no fair weather out there.

I take the opportunity, most reasonably under the circumstances, to make myself receptive to any donations you might deem useful for this humble writer from the Third World, and that I am seriously considering opening my hallowed pages to your services. For a fee, logically.

Shall I strive to open that PayPal account? Do let me know.


Yours Truly.

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