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Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is my First Anniversary on Blogspot

So this is my first year. July 25 . I've got to congratulate myself and be thankful for this singular accomplishment.

During this year, I got to be part of a select group in the Blogosphere. That is reason enough to celebrate.

I have learnt quite a lot by reading and being virtually close to all these outstanding people who take chunks of their time to post their music, their pictures, their texts, their minds.

For the future, I must remember to keep my posts short and concise for I know people don't have that much time on their hands (some do! Lucky bastards...) to surf the web. Some juggle their jobs, academic life and their blogs

I must try and keep strong and vital in order to keep writing my blogly bildungsroman and strive to preserve my daily freshness.

I am so proud of my tiny little self. How vast is this Uni(multi)verse!


  1. Happy anniversary, looking forward to the next year.

  2. Hey Mauro! Congratulations. I didn't know it was your first year. Mine is tomorrow. How about that? We started blogging one day apart! That is pretty cool, especially since I never realized it, and I am sure you didn't either!

    Best wishes on the next year. Year 2 even better than year 1!

  3. Mazel Tove from the Jew Down Under :)

  4. Sean, Marc, Damien ; ), thanks a million. And Stan, who would've known, I'll be going right over to your page.

    Here's to another year! Cheers! Clink clink.

  5. Congrats Mauro! We are certainly happy you are part of our blog family.