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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Greetings to my Family! Get us Out of Here Soon, Please!

Greetings to my family! Get us out of here soon, please!


If you have been watching news from abroad lately, you may have been gored by the horns of a *dilemma: whether to feel sympathy for one woman said to be about to be stoned to death in the Middle East or whether you send your heart wrapped in a golden box of hope to those 33 Chilean miners trapped in the bowels of the Atacama desert.

It is an allegory. We are sending our miners farther and farther into unreachable abysses to collect minerals to sustain our thirst and hunger for durable goods. Expendable creatures, right out of the lowest of the lowest strata that can be molded and programmed, unluckily, to operate and do the nastiest of jobs we discard with our veneering long acquired with years of study.

From the videos sent up from the **Dantean pits where our miners extract copper and gold, one immediately learns that they are literate and overweight for plans A and B are contingent on their shedding the extra pounds gained with years of  unwholesome nutrition (so we think!). Literate because they have managed to fish out some scribbled notes and have family members read them for the cameras and overweight because the rescue shaft to be drilled is of a certain width. Circumference...

Food for thought. Pardon the sarcasm(?)-irony(?), in that we have no plans to extract you from your plush seats and away from your grapes and strawberries but we are just inviting you to take a moment to contemplate with us the nature of our consumerism.

In a time when nothing of consequence is happening (apparently!) and in the most advanced nation on Earth, that north of the Rio Grande and one whose vernacular we use, they hold rallies praising Deities and the Military (according to this same news source), one just looks up and sighs: "What is this world coming to?"

*Dilemma = State of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavourable options.

 Or is that "Trilemma" for we have not covered the unending floods in another far-off land where their meager rations are dropped from the Sky.

**Of or relating to Dante Alighieri or his writings.  "3" is a constant in his The Divine Comedy.


  1. It is amazing how little we (as a society) value human life. Whether it be this current mining disaster, or the one in West Virginia earlier, or women being stoned, or BPs handling of people affected by the oil leak, the life is not valued as much as the profit. That's what's wrong with us. It's not that we are overly greedy and put our wealth before all else. It is that the "all else" includes human lives and humanity, in general.
    It's a sad situation and one that I think we need to fix quickly, or it will destroy us as a global society.

  2. Well put, simply brilliant...consumerism is fed by greed and that is a constant.

  3. Nestor Garcia Canclini puts it best, guys: Consumidores e Cidadãos (Consumers and Citizens). Now if only our consumerism would entail in more jobs for all; if it would eradicate poverty; if it would do more for the Other...Let us all wait and see. Will greed ever end?