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Sunday, August 22, 2010

On Body Language and its Inevitability.

National Geographic Afghan Girl

When we write we tend to jot down what is foremost in our mind. Where does it come from? Outer Space?

Put simply, we are able to tap into hidden crannies in our "brains" that retain information for later use or to be later manifested.

Or maybe, we log on to The World of Ideas of Plato.  Or is it the subconscious?

Sometimes, we get to see parts of our Being that wants to be in evidence but cannot do it explicitly. Life makes use of subtle antics to manifest itself.

I think that when we write or say something, we always reveal a little bit of ourselves, like a footprint, on the Path.

As is with body language that will show when when we are doing that job interview. The best of actors will not conquer it. Self-control will not be enough.

Eyes are windows, too. Souls are revealed through the eyes. Watch, if you can, your eyes…


  1. Eyes are windows to the soul. They can make an average person extremely attractive, and make an otherwise really attractive person just seem average. They really are an important feature of our personality, a physical manifestation of it as is were.

  2. Eyes, body langauage all adjust to our feelings inside and around us. But don't get fooled by those eyes alone - the body also speaks just as loud.

  3. i agree with both of you, guys. i'm mystified when people choose to "disguise" their eyes when using contact lenses of a different colour, for instance.