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Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Post Disaster Approaches to Community Living

Have you watched the video all the way to the end?  And have you "seen" beyond the video?

Very well. It is basically none of our business and to be poking our nose where it is not needed is really way out of line. However, a few words from people who see things differently might offer a new perspective.

For those of you,  Afro-descendants, who live in the United States and who have the misfortune of calling the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans home, so much the focus of the news media, and as we are now moving  into the fifth year after the devastating hurricane, here is the deal.

We are sick and tired of watching the white-run media bringing their cameras into vulnerable neighborhoods which are invariably black and seeing derelict housing and overgrown vacant lots; we are sick and tired of seeing our beloved Africanness being thrown at our faces the way it is; we are sick and tired of seeing inaction and victimization and victimhood.

It is high time we "banded" together and made one huge collective effort to make ourselves better by studying more, by working harder, by sacrificing more and by creating new results. Clearly hundreds of years in the United States have not been enough to shift the current paradigm.

We breed ourselves out of proportion and into poverty and we are, invariably, the targets of negative stereotyping. You just have to watch American TV to learn that to the minutest detail.

If you have watched the video and you have seen the volunteering, you will have noticed that the volunteers shown there were what? white! So quit blaming politicians, a breed apart, and roll up your sleeves and get down to work. Immediate actions are called for:  i.e.  collective gardens and orchards which are urgently needed. Vocational training a must and immediate help in the in tidying up the neighborhood is imperative.

Let us all give a time frame for our success. 10 years. The root of sacrifice is Sacrum Officium...

Now watch this video:

1225–75;  (n.) ME < OF < L sacrificium,  equiv. to sacri-  (comb.form of sacer  holy) + -fic-,  comb. form of facere  to make, do1  +-ium -ium (v.) ME sacrifisen,  deriv. of the n.

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