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Saturday, August 7, 2010

On Prejudice

Prejudice and how to get rid of it. We can’t. It is ingrained.

We, educated human beings at least, conceal what we feel under a veneer of civilization. We do not let it show. When discussion starts, we recoil, voice inwards, to just listen. When we see attacks on TV on gender, race and other stuff, we feel a pang. Prejudice is hard to uproot. Bad.

Fortunately, we cannot turn the world into a blond, blue-eyed, utopian society, heterosexual to the power of 10 (you have heard this elsewhere before, I know) and with beliefs that gravitate towards the installed monolithic blocks we know in our half of the world. 

This does not mean in anyway we are prejudiced against the blond and the blue-eyed. We come from a family where we have all that. And has not the science of genetics debunked all that? If you have seen The Body Exhibition you know that is true. We are all the same underneath.

Socio-anthropologically, however, we notice changes happening in local supermarkets, credit card companies, hotels that have started to see the “Other” as a consumer. 

In other spheres, we have gay marriages some of us. Even better, people coming to a realization that the "Different" are okay. What a disparate world!

It was about time. 


  1. Prejudice is inherent as we are all afraid of what is different. Sometimes it brings fear e.g. gays being married; sometimes hate e.g. neo-mazis; and sometimes it a sense of misdirected history e.g. the war b/w the Israelis and Palestine. Either way and whatever the reason, change is always eminent or we would not be able to survive e.g. the civil rights movement in the US; the ending of apatheid and the break down of the Berlin wall.

  2. Steve, these are the ones that stand out prominently in the world. There must be many others we may not see, those hidden in plain sight. Still, prejudice is not okay.

  3. One of the things I hate about this world!