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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On Violence Against Gays and Just Deserts

Art: Fabiano Spadari

Three suspects in the murder of 14-year-old Alexandre Rajão, killed on June 21, now charged with aggravated murder. Blood DNA samples found in the suspects' car showed compatibility with the blood of the murdered boy's mother. The defendants remain in jail.

The body of Alexander Thome Ivo Rajão was found on the morning of June 21,  in a vacant lot in California Garden in São Gonçalo, RJ, Brazil, with marks of beatings and torture. Earlier, the teenager had attended a party after the game by Brazil's World Cup, where there was a fight. He was returning home alone, when he disappeared.

Police arrived at  the three suspects after receiving calls by a Hotline informing the number plate of the car at the scene of the crime. 
Mordant Comment:
Kudos to our police for pursuing the investigation and bringing to these criminals their just deserts. We should  expect them to rot in jail for ever and ever and never to be allowed to see the world as it orbits around the Sun. 
These criminals and others like them are to learn a lesson and to have the just facts of life rammed down their throats. Killing by hatred and by an asinine ideology - skinheads - if you will believe that,  in a most mestizo of countries, is next to anachronistic.
We should add to that, if possible, our warmest wishes for the terriblest of punishments: that their conscience should come to haunt their sleep for the next seven lifetimes and after that, the energy that makes up their individual souls should be returned to the Great Maker and be remodelled into a most rudimentary substance fit to inhabit Mars i. e. when it is next terraformed and ready to receive primordial life. All of that under the auspices of The Erinyes.
Then and only then should they be given the gift of Hu-manness and to be allowed to inhabit the society of humankind.
We rest our case.

R.I.P Ale

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