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Saturday, August 14, 2010

VTB Virtual Toy-Boy and Personal Trainer - English Version Absolutely Available

Glory Be! The international market now boasts the arrival of the ultra-modern Hercules

Hercules, realistic, made in exact imitation of the human skin to the smallest detail. With hairy arms and legs and exuding that manly smell only you will recognize, he will undoubtedly take down many physical-ed teachers and other hunks jogging along the lake and down the road in your neck of the woods.

Hercules, 6 ft tall, US$ 4,300, available in the Anglo, Hispanic or African version, 188 pounds of muscles, is custom made for those who do not have a real friend breathing down their neck. Who said they're not necessary?

Programmed with five thousand functions (overkill!), including abs to paramarital exercises (awe-struck?) and Zen meditation, our maverick is always in an upbeat mood.

Say good-bye to that one you call (politically correct) companion and acquire Hercules. The toy-boy that is ruling the waves. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


  1. Five thousand functions! Does it "bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan"?
    Will it cut the grass, or vacuum. For $4300 he better to more than touch himself when he "thinks" of me!
    I want the touching and the mowing! :0
    ...and the dishes washed. In a little tutu!
    I'm just saying....

  2. Lol, Stan..........He is confined, i guess, to indoors activities..........