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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Arctic Diplomacy, Ain't That a Cold Rush?

An international meeting to try to prevent the Arctic becoming the next battleground over mineral wealth has begun in Moscow. BBC

A cold rush, indeed. We are all joining our hands on hearing the news that the few with a stake worth a cube of ice in the Arctic are meeting in Moscow, today, on how to best approach the depredation of the last frontier. 

Also, one might add with a bit of trepidation, on how to exploit the untapped territory without resorting to gut-ripping wars (plus the collateral damage) and what not. Deities forbid!

We have been everywhere with our greedy machineworks, have we not? Now we are going miles to the north better. We want to reach the very last chakra on the planet. Who to blame? Nobody but ourselves. 

Naïvely, if the rewards (and profits!) of this bountiful source of mineral wealth were to be shared by the world community, with new jobs being created and novel ways of extracting the untold riches from the Earth as a logical consequence and sustainable development to become reality, we would all say: Go fo it! Unfreeze the Arctic assets! However...

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