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Saturday, September 25, 2010

On the Bonanza Series and Master Adam Cartwright

Fanciful creations..........

Create a story for the Bonanza (12 Sept 1959 - 16 Jan 1973) Western series set in Nevada, U.S.A. sometime in the 19th Century.

Mario Magellan y Silva from the northeast of Brazil, only son and heir to sugar cane money, is sent first to a boarding school in England and when back in Brazil with his acquired tastes, Dad sends him to the U.S to his friend Ben Cartwright's ranch to man up for the tasks ahead in their huge property in Brazil.
Once there, it falls to Adam Cartwright to teach the inexperienced, mixed-race and olive-skinned Mario, the hard facts of ranch life. It all goes very well (and bound to get hotter than the midday sun...) up until one day when Mario notices Adam "admiring" him from afar, kind of behind the bushes, when bathing in a fresh water lake not far from the ranch. Increase tension in the ensuing scenes. Build a crescendo that will lead to:
Action to happen when the two of them set out on a hunting trip to shoot wild cats. Evidence Mario's fearful personality when hearing animal howlings and bolting upright from his rug and dashing to Adam's side (and arms...).
Details of the horses, saddles and blankets, rugs, the fallen tree log, the crackling fire and graphic details of the whole affair. 
Attention not to fall into clichés and commonplace practices. Craft text elegantly for a global audience. Research English language usage (slang and idioms) for the period.

End story according to the aesthetics of the time, following Judeo-Christian sensibilities. Be Smart!

Go to for part 2 and 3.

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  1. As a young man I watched the show with a lot of lust for the studs and how masculine and virile they appeared...I knew it was a fantasy but it was my fantasy...that remains with me today.
    love this post Mauro.

  2. This post is quite creative - I'm not sure what to think here - reality, fantasy or just imagination!

  3. hehehe...Brokeback at the Ponderosa! I like it.

  4. Raulito, I get Bonanza on TCM (Classics); Steve, it is pure fantasy and imagination; and, Intelly, I have drawn a bit from "some who read gay" in the Old West...So, it is nothing new.

  5. Wow, Hot idea! I was much 'attracted' to Bonanza (didn't know why at the time) but I found our years later. Whenever I see it again, that same desire to on the ranch with the guys arises.