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Thursday, September 9, 2010

On the Burning of Sacred Books.

Questioner: Lovely view you have got from up here, Your Sapience. Shining white towers...

His Sapience: Thank you. Feel free to come and visit me whenever you want.

Q.: Thank you. Your Sapience, surely you've heard of the latest media frenzy brought about by a lunatic in a corner of the U.S.A. hellbent on burning a book sacred to billions around the world. What's your take?

HS.: Pathetic, unconscionable and provocative. If the burning of sacred books or effigies were of any utility, the world would be a better a place.

Q. Again, there must be someone behind the individual in question,  pulling the strings....some sort of contentious force or antagonistic energy not yet content to see the world fare without bloodshed and heartache?

HS.: Sure there is. We all know the world is run by those who don't care about collateral damage and the destruction of civilization once it is patently clear they stand to profit from the rebuilding of ravaged areas.

Q.: That is horrible and heartbreaking, Your Sapience. What can humankind do to shift this retrograde mentality and be catapulted to higher levels of consciousness and understanding?

HS.: Unfortunately, only a lucky few have access to infomation. I mean, information that is profitable and that is relayed straight to higher levels of consciousness. The world as it stands, or rather, as it spins around the Sun, has quite a ways to go before its inhabitants wake up and smell the coffee, if you will pardon the expression.

Q.: I completely understand, Your Sapience. Is humankind being diverted from the Right Path and falling down a precipice?

HS.: Once we understand that we are all physically, spiritually and nowadays, virtually connected, humankind will be immediately directed to a new path of evolution. We have to understand that a hoe and sword are both lethal. It is up to us to learn how to use them.

Q.: Thanks for your time, Your Sapience...By the way, are those doves or ravens you see flying over the hills yonder?

HS.: Not quite sure. Wait! Those are fallen angels. 

Moral: There's more to it than meets the eye...


  1. 2 months ago no one ever heard of this guy. 2 months from now no one will even remember his name unless we as men continue to revere him as the Devil as opposed to the little man he really is.

  2. Right on, Ian....The media attention got him his 15 minutes...Enough already.