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Saturday, September 4, 2010

On the Eternal Rio de Janeiro: Fun, Sea and Cruising

Sunny Ipanema Posto 9. Photo Mauro Paim 
From Globo.Com

A year after being voted the best gay destination in the world, Rio de Janeiro is back on the runway for the title of "sexiest destination."  

Rio will be rubbing shoulders with  Barcelona (Spain) Tel Aviv (Israel) and American cities Key West (Florida), Las Vegas (Nevada) and Palm Springs (California). Paris was voted  the sexiest in 2009.

Voting is free on the internet and is organized by in partnership with Logo, a channel dedicated to the LGBT community, the same people behind the city as the best gay destination in 2009.

In the contest for best gay destination in the world, Rio has outperformed competitors Barcelona, Buenos Aires, London, Montreal and Sydney.

Our comment:

Excellent. Kudos to the organizers for enhancing the appeal of this beautiful city. This writer is one to travel to Rio frequently and enjoy its ever present manifestations of warmth and gay-friendliness and bodies tanned to a crisp. With a caveat, however. And freaking hell! It pains me to say so...

I know most of you want to engage in all sorts of activities and enjoy yourselves to the max with a no-strings-attached mentality plus several glasses of caipirinhas which will render you ineffective common-sensewise.

We have heard reports of people having their drinks adulterated by heartless creatures who have one sole aim: to subtract you of your hard-earned (I sincerely hope) cash. How's that for a date rape?

Do grace the beaches and bars of Rio with your presence but by no means lose sight of your consciousness and awareness of your surroundings. Down to the smallest details...

Enjoy Rio. Never forget to ask for the plastic bag to dispose of the coconut shells, beer cans, chicken thighs and cigarette butts (strange...).


  1. There is a heaven? we don't know...but for the time being and in contrast with the harshness of reality...there is always Rio de Janeiro.
    Perhaps only second to Paris among the places I would rather be or live in.

  2. Thank you, Raulito. Perhaps we should be neighbours...Are we looking for a nice place in upscale Ipanema? Nice shops, cafés...