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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Veuve Clicquot, Switzerland and Private Jets

"Engaging in a sexual relationship is a healthy component of developing your spiritual life."

I agree in the strongest terms. However, I do not go about and tell people that A is wrong, that B is sinful and the C will take you to hell. I am consistent in my beliefs and philosophical prerrogatives.

I am not here to judge or to cast the finger of censorship on anyone but I feel I should weigh in and perhaps advertise globally how unfair I think this whole thing is.

I am talking about this story breaking in the States about a man of the cloth engaging in, shall we say, sexual activity with boys in disadvantage. Should he come clean and pick up the pieces of his shattered reputation?

Most deplorable. The victims are always and invariably young boys/men. Set me thinking why these men will always pick on YOUNG BOYS.

Here I am with all my mojo, going in overdrive, and I never get picked. What do they have against the 30 (or 40!) somethings ?  I so would love to travel by private jet and ski down an exclusive slope in Switzerland or Argentina. I would love to sip Veuve Clicquot in Baccarat crystals while lounging in a chalet with a fire and a Persian rug to delight my senses.

Why? Why? Why? Disgusted, furious and sidelined.



  1. Oh RO - we can only dream my friend - the 30's to 40's is the new 20's as far as I am concern - don't feel cheated - LOVE LIVE and SWEAT!

    As for the men who prey on young boys - that is completely unacceptable - my theory is that since they can't express their true self they become cowards and pray on the weaker - they are monsters!

  2. I love Clicquot, but that's not what this is about is it? Yes there are far too many people out there, mainly men, who can only find satisfaction by stalking and preying on those who are emotionally and sometimes physically weaker than themselves. It is shameful but I'm not sure anyone has found what the answer to the problem would or should be since it continues for generation after generation.

  3. Guys, I just don't like the hypocrisy of it all. Like preying on the faith of the weak for your own self-gratification.

    Steve, thanks for leg up.

  4. It's a power play, younger men can be manipulated more easily. By the time folks are 20, 30, or 40, they've learned to say "no."