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Sunday, September 26, 2010

On Why Black Church Culture Rejects Homosexuality

Like many black Christians, David grew up in a theologically conservative church culture that views the Bible as the authoritative word of God. This supplied David with a healthy dose of guilt and regret for succumbing to same-sex cravings, eventually leading to his despondent spiritual state. CNN

Chillingly true and mystifying for the very Bible they like quoting from was used to justify their translocation from Africa to the Americas in shackles and the effects of which are very much enduring.

Something must have happened down through the centuries to effect this tremendous shift in paradigm. And if this serves as a valid argument, Black folks in the Americas do have a long row to hoe when it comes to Human Rights.

From the U.S.A. downwards through the isthmus of Panama and into South America, life for Afro-descendants is no bowl of cherries and statistics are really bleak. Blacks rank last in everything. In this writer's country, inclusive.

Luckily, though, in our neck of the woods, Blacks have retained elements of their original cultures and along with *sincretism have managed to carve a niche all of their (our!) own, religiouswise.

It is high time the Black Church, as shown in the CNN article, grew out of their narrowly literal interpretation of the Scriptures and pursued a more inclusive doctrine  and, ipsis verbis, promoted the acceptance of all its members regardless of their sexual orientation.

This is an issue worth exploring. Go here for more. Plus, if you must be a member of a church, here is another take:


  1. Mauro,
    What a wonderful insight you have concerning "our" plight as men of color as well as being Gay. It is disheartening to think that our lot as Black men has been and continues to be woefully burdensome. Add being Gay in an non-accepting culture, and you have the recipe for a life of struggle double that of many. But we persevere each day and we are better and stronger for it.

  2. I completely agree, Mickey. The fact that I try to make myself better everyday and try to read beyond the merely conventional, gives me a feeling of fulfillment. Sad, though, many in our community do not seem to be able to make it.