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Monday, October 11, 2010

Are We Bloggers "inadequate, pimpled and single?"

The Guardian

The BBC's website has nearly 100 blogs and invites its readers to "have your say" on an enormous range of topics, from Westminster to the weather. But one of the corporations's most familiar faces, Andrew Marr, has dismissed bloggers as "inadequate, pimpled and single", and citizen journalism as the "spewing and rantings of very drunk people late at night." 

Are we really? Surely he is trying provoke us into some sort of reaction. One such that will shoot his name to the very heights of notoriety and thereby, perhaps, we speculate, to some book deal, documentary or what not.
Granted that some us do drink and rant when barely able to strike the keys on our boards to concatenate a text. We may agree, yes sir! that some us are pimpled and single. This very writer has been on the shelf for ....Still, better than going into a relationship like the last one he had.
Perhaps we should inform the author of the rantings above that we form, ourselves, a canonical blogosphere and we are really very much attuned to what each and every one of us writes on blogland.
We are informed further that "a lot of bloggers are slightly seedy, bald, caulifalower-nosed young men sitting in their mother's basements and ranting. They are very angry people."
Are we that, too? Here is a Freudian interpretation: he was talking about himself!!!
Citizen Journalism (Wikipedia) is when, we the sheeple, oops! people play a decisive role in news gathering and information. But not for him. CJ is "a waste of time."
All fine and dandy for us. The man is entitled to his opinions just as much as we are. Luckily, he did not call us all (males!), a bunch of wankers....
Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar. Plus, almost forgot, some of us do facials routinely...

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