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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is There Life After Death?

A snippet:

Is there life after death? Theologians can debate all they want, but radiation oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Long argues that if you look at the scientific evidence, the answer is unequivocally yes.

Yes. Buddhists, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Hindus, Theosophists and several other philosophical entities (for some of you, other pagans out there) view life after death as a pretty common thing. Except Chistianity, as far as we know.

We, wise people, have been roaming this Earth for some 250 thousand years! Surely, we have had time to elaborate a bit further in our relationship with the Higher Powers...

Since most of what we know about life after death is solely based on stories told by those who came back to life after a traumatic experience, this budding writer included, it is difficult to assess and study the phenomenon at some university.

Isn't it sobering to learn that mainstream scientists are slowly but surely welcoming the idea that, hey!, it is possible?

Since this is a highly controversial subject and depending on your philosophical beliefs, blasphemous, more research and other studies are necessary to unravel the knot of mysteries surrounding Life.

We are well aware that people are okay with their canonical religious texts and take them to the letter. Rarely do people find time to research into religious matters and depend instead on "theologians" to interpret the texts for them. And that is law. No problem, we say, for Life demands this emotional investment. How can you argue with Faith?

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  1. Yes, the human condition needs the theological, emotional investment in life. For, without it man has no sense of constancy in life, at least somewhat, even though such things still leave its question: Is there life after death? In my novel “Mommy’s Writings: Mommy, would you like a sandwich? it relates a personal account. Its genre is Christian biography and it will be in the Marketplace early 2011. Faith addresses man’s need to know, keeping the doorway open for research, reflecting humanity’s possibilities with God. God is within one, as one is apart of him. Thusly, man accepts scripture’s hopeful truth, as given in the Bible in St. Luke 1:37 (AV) and Luke 18:27.

    Suzanne McMillen-Fallon, Published Author (early 2011)’s Writings: Mommy, would you like a sandwich?

  2. Dear Suzanne, I'm all for the union of Faith and Rationalism. Sounds paradoxical, I know. I have had considerable personal success, if I can call it that, by delving into my Inner Strength to derive much needed help. We are by no means averse to Spirituality. However, we do think people should start thinking for themselves, as well..

  3. Mario:
    I did go through the "tunnel" and was very disappointed to have to return. I can tell you that from my experience; once I had shed this corrupt and repugnant flesh I felt so much better. You see, there was no pain any more. But it also gave me an insight on the irrelevancy of organized religion.
    I wrote a post on the subject.

  4. So did i, Raulito. It is all so irrelevant after the exprience...