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Sunday, October 10, 2010

On Anti-gay Torture in the Big Apple.

NEW YORK -- Allegations that gang members attacked two teens and a man last week because they were gay don't square with the reputation of their Bronx neighborhood, where gay men and women live openly and neighbors are tolerant of homosexuality, residents and city leaders said.

The Washington Post

Chill? The allegations are deplorable, distressing, execrable, lamentable, miserable, pitiful, reprehensible, sad, sorry, vicious, woeful, condemnable, criminal. 

Wretched creatures who, out of nothing better to do, will resort to asinine acts to draw attention to themselves.

With mountains of books to be read. Loads of homework to be done. Loads of community volunteering to do. They still find time for mischief and ersatz machismo.

A friend on Facebook puts it brilliantly:  "I will never understand how one minority brutalizes another. Hispanics in the country are under siege as much as every other minority. The remedy is for us to unite, not to divide."

You are right, Mickey.


  1. Fear and ignorance - it builds walls and causes pain. This is the saddest part of human fraility!