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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On the Cholera Outbreak in Haiti.

Photo speaks volumes. A child on stand-by
Cholera, an acute instestinal infection caused by  the bacterium Vibrio cholerae (VIB-ree-oh KAHL-er-eye), present in contaminated water or food, is harvesting lives in central Haiti.

About 200 deaths so far. And counting.

It is now feared that the outbreak could reach the "squalid tarp camps where hundreds of thousands of quake survivors live in the capital" Huffington Post.

Haitians have a challenge ahead. Another load on their weary shoulders. It's been reported that over 10 billion dollars have been donated to the beleaguered country and to date, there is not much we can put our fingers on by way of progress. They are stuck in a mire.

What people in Haiti need is water filtration facilities, sanitation, hygiene and NUTRITION to restore their dignity. They do not need another 10 thousand charitable organizations breathing down their necks and lording it over their shoulders. What Haitians need is a serious commitment towards progress and tangible changes in their infrastructure that will bring about more health and more hope.

Our hearts and souls go out to the devastated country in the Caribbean. If only they, whoever they are, would commit more seriously... Perhaps we would not see what we see on our LCD-LED TVs...It's heartbreaking. ONE death is ONE too many.

Makes us think twice before wasting that precious drop of water...

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