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Saturday, October 2, 2010

On How to Contribute Comments on Important Online Newspapers

South façade of the White House, the executive...
Photo: HiraV -  White House South Façade/ Wikipedia

BOB WOODWARD’S latest fly-on-the-wall White House potboiler, “Obama’s Wars”, is among other things an essay in the loneliness of command. Having inherited a failing war, a fresh young president is bombarded on all sides by conflicting advice and has in the end to set the strategy himself, pleasing nobody.

The Economist

‎I wish I had the lexical (and technical) wherewithal to contribute on foruns like this renowned newspaper.

Cynically, I am led to think that world governments have one sole aim: the agenda of financial interests. It is also very much delicious when one encounters well-written pieces with words like "potboiler", "prolixity" and others which are phonetically pleasing to one's ear. A delectable treat, indeed, besides making for very good weekend reading. Unluckily, financial constraints have precluded me from subscribing to your paper version. I have to make do with whatever you make available on platforms like this one (the Internet). Keep up the good work.

Ah, as for the government in question, I am afraid  I have little to say inasmuch as I understand squat about world politics and financial (or martial) messes inherited (or not!) from previous administrations, and their subsequent effect or impact (the mot du jour in mediatic circles) on mainstreet, plus this, that and the other...

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