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Sunday, October 10, 2010

On No Titles When No Titles Are Necessary


A Brazilian prosecutor has filed corruption charges against one of the country's best-known evangelical churches, seeking jail time for one of its leaders accused of overseeing the misuse of more than $1 million given to the church for literacy programs.

Has he? Great...Now let me rummage through my word-chest and see if i can find some really vituperative locutions....

Not much to say. The story says all there is plus what most of us know, of course, about these "churches" (God forbid!). By the way, He/She/It must be on vacation......Can you tell?

Surely, oh, surely, one is to think, (hosannah!) They must be watching with their Book on hand jotting down each and every piece of misdeed and hypocrisy emanating from these fallen angels. Hosannah!

My not so pure heart goes to all those caught in this web of jive and puke spewing from the mouths of these....Would they had the strength to chuck this all into the air, once in the air, the whatever that has been chucked is to gain sudden weight, tons, and then fall, with a thud, on the heads of these...

Lord, give me strength. 

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  1. Power corrupts absolutely! I don't know what else to say, except that another one bites the dust!