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Monday, October 18, 2010

On the Star-Spangled Banner's Woes

A response posted on a social networking site.

It is very true that the the country north of the Rio Grande comes across as being under the dictates of radical, narrowly-defined philosophical beliefs which may be strange to the foreign enlightened mind. 

Is the American Cultural Industry and their News Channels to blame? Most people (and relatively few bilinguals, of course!) who have had the chance to interact with the country seem to think so. After all, they are outside looking in.

Fortunately, and most certainly, we do know people in the U.S. who are VERY forward thinking and are at the vanguard of social change. These folks, of course, have their work cut out for them. They face the grueling task of rearranging thought-forms for ever entrenched in the American psyche. 

What to do? Refashion the hypocritical discourse coming from the religious right. News reports of religious personalities falling from grace due to this or that scandal abound on Internet. Others, which can only be assumed to be radicals, have hijacked the airwaves and foul up the very air most of the country breathes. It is unconscionable. Should we ignore their rants?

Of late, we have heard news of young people ending their lives due to bullying. Execrable! Luckily, politicians are waking up and smelling the candle scents wafting out of vigils. About time. How many sacrificial lambs does it take to open archaic minds towards a better and brighter future for all in society?

Why is it that the monolithic religious establishment is afraid of social change? Why is it that the engines that propel their war machine and act as world cops have to be in the closet when, in other countries, sexual orientation of this or that color does not count? Surely equality for all will not encroach in the social order and people will continue to function, accordingly, to perpetuate the species. Do they have a right to dictate what people should be doing with their lower abdomens?

Surely those of us who admire the American culture, and are apt to absorb its cultural influence, are appalled at the lack of seriousness and negligence of the political class. Who is really running the country? Can they ever be extricated from this intellectual swamp?

We write this as world citizens and believe that when change touches the seat of the Empire, the whole world follows suit.


  1. Excellent observation. I commend you on your insight and clarity.
    did I mention I agree with you?

  2. Many thanks, Raulito. Isn't it so?