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Friday, October 15, 2010

On Superclasses, Elites and Globalized Cabals

See if I can write a short text on the Global Power Elite and the world that emerges when they meet. They are a Superclass and most of the world follows their dictates.

Is there greed in their approach to running the world? Global finances. Governments on the palms of their hands. Are they for real? Nation states versus a globalized cabal.

Conspiracy theorists have their own ideas about who these people are. We do not know and we do not very much worry about it. The media? Enslaved to their regulations and narratives. Alternative Truths. Do we all benefit by their so-called machinations? Maybe chimerical. Most people on earth live with just under 2 US$ a day. Logical, just a few.

Are they pillaging the world's resources? No. They are not. Most of them, conservatives to the core, have a hetero-normative family agenda and have offspring of their own. What kind of world are they leaving to their children?  They are acutely aware of the challenges the environment is facing. See what can be done...

There is only so much we can extricate from the Earth to metamorphose into commodities and profit. Who DOES really run the world? What is conspirancy? Questions, questions, questions...

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