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Sunday, October 10, 2010

On When They See the Light of Day Again

The Atacama Desert - Chile
The first people down the shaft will be a rescue expert from a state-owned mining conglomerate and a medical expert, who will prepare the men for their journey to the surface.
Some of the fittest will go first, in case the capsule encounters problems during its ascent. There is already speculation as to which miner might be the first to emerge into the daylight. Among the fittest is Edison Peña, an Elvis Presley fan and athlete who has been keeping fit below ground.

Great! We now know how it is going to go down (or up!), The Guardian tells us. First this, then that, and then the other...Perfect.
It is expected that the moguls from Hollywood will make their appearance. Of course! Are you from Jupiter, dear writer? Haven't your learnt yet? I have, too. Still...
It is to be hoped that whatever comes out of it is good enough to drill the lesson home. All those mining conglomerates out there should learn from it. Those are humans down there. Show them some respect.

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