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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still in Chile - The Miners Narrative Continues

Doctors said all the miners had responded well to treatment and many more of them would go home on Friday. Earlier President Sebastian Pinera visited them and promised to stamp out "inhuman" working conditions in Chile (BBC).

They did. Subsequently 31 of the 33 were released from hospital under the cover of the night, rather, in secret, to protect them and their families from being hounded by a raft of reporters on call, bent on extracting the last breath from the mineros.

Let us put our one cent's worth in the slot.

We are glad that their ordeal has afforded them better medical care and attention in the Atacama.

From the looks of it, their lives were at stake before the cave-in. Nonetheless, praise is due to all involved in the rescue.

Another picture of Atacama desert with the sun...Image via Wikipedia

Let us hope this serves a reminder to all mining conglomerates ou there that those people you have working for you in "unsafe and inhuman" conditions are Human Beings.

Now home, let us hope los mineros dig up all the energy and steel themselves for an "onslaught of demands from people wanting to share in the glory."

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