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Saturday, November 27, 2010

On Mythological Love Affairs Between Gods

And boys.

Many are mystified (this humble writer in the ranks) as to why the love bestowed on young boys by older men is so much on the pages of our newspapers and magazines today (and stuff of blogs, too!).

From men of the cloth to vast sections of society, we learn, many "fall" (ouch!) for this ancient, mistily ancient practice. 

It started in Greece! None other than Zeus himself upon seeing this blond beauty tending a flock of sheep, either turned himself into or sent an eagle (juicy details of the story are irreparably lost...) to Earth and swept Ganymede (Ganny, for us) on to Mount Olympus.

Ovid (20 March 43 BC - AD17/18 AD) writes in The Metamorphoses in a translation by Horace Gregory:

 "One day the very king of all the gods
Took fire when he looked at Ganymede,
Then, O, he wished himself less masculine -
Yet he became a flashing, warlike eagle
who swooped upon the boy with one swift blow
And clipped him, wing and claw, to Mount Olympus
(Pictured here - Looks unDivine, if you ask me) 
where to much to Juno's obvious distaste(of course!), 
The trojan boy serves drinks to Father Jove." (serves drinks????)

Mount OlympusImage via Wikipedia
It is little surprise then, and hello!, it is in the classics, registered for posterity, that the thing is as old as the hills. Ah, we will not see an end to it anytime soon. 

Who's going to be the next to fall for a young shepperd boy?

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  1. Indeed, "nothing new under the sun", but newspapers have to make a living.
    Nice pictures to accompany Ovid's description !

  2. Thanks, Dutta. Our sun has seen so much...