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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On Talking Shop

Cuchulainn carries Ferdiad across the riverImage via Wikipedia

Just a little bit of an elliptical text mentioning the news about, erm, those mines again; flooded in one corner and gassed in the other... The same old story... No happy ending and mistresses...

This is straight out of the movies: some woman in the old continent wanting to off her (hunky and studly?) son-in-law, for the gods know why, (an affair?) bla bla and hiring hitmen who doctored photos and fooled her and she not buying it....  She dabbled in witchery and everything... Oh, the Media... Media matters!

Speaking of swords and all, there's the sabre-rattling in the Korean Peninsula.... Are they going to bomb one another to smithereens?

Cú Chulainn must be turning in his grave... Or maybe not... Don't pluck all your shamrocks yet.

See Mamma Penny on Sex and Health over at Sizzling Hot: was Mamma Penny right? Okay now to sheathe your sword in "exceptional circumstances," that is, if there is no mending you.... Rave reviews these remarks got from the highest authorities at the WHO...

Thanks a lot, Maurizzio Magellan. Are you a psychic?

Finnegans Wake and the circularity of things...
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