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Friday, November 5, 2010

On When Films Misinform

Praia de Carneiros in Pernambuco - Northeastern Br
See whether we can come up with a rebuttal for chewed and digested data shown in an American film, "Turistas" (same title in the original), directed by John Sotckwell and produced by Fox films.

The flick shows clichés intensified by terror such as doctored caipirinhas, rogue native-Brazilians doubling as thugs for organ traffickers...

Also, the absurdity of having to read that the bad guys (Brazilians!) speak Spanish! There's more bull: The Amazon is next to Rio de Janeiro! Is this dis-information or what?

Outraged, Brazilian authorities are keeping an eye on viewers' reactions. That could throw a spanner in all the good work people are trying to do to clean up the image of this country abroad. Our Tourism Board have their work cut out for them. 

We are doing our bit helping to dispel every myth. Don't believe a word you hear.

Ah, our buses are ultra-super modern and equipped with LCD TVs and GPSed. Catch that flight.

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