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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On When the Rich Build Their Homes in Protected Areas

Their homes get blasted and razed to the ground. This is what happened in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro.

After a judicial battle (ten years!), and this is the state against the owner, a 1600 square meter mansion built in an environmental protection area in the Atlantic Rain Forest in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, was razed to the ground earlier today.

The State Environmental Bureau used 40 pounds of dynamite to demolish the building. The owner of the property, who is a Korean national, was fined and charged with environmental crimes.

Authorities say he had been notified several times prior to the demolition about the illegality of the construction and told to replant the deforested area. The state government financed the blast and the owner is to reimburse the state.

Authorities hope people will now think twice before building homes in protected areas. There is no end date for the crackdown on environmental crimes.

Kudos to the state of Rio de Janeiro.

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  1. I can now anticipate the reaction of Republicans here in America if that was to be done...they would go into an immediate attack of apoplexy.
    Kudos to you Brazil, you have so much to protect...if only you could stop deforestation.

  2. That's a bold move! People should now think twice.

  3. Now, guys, I was wondering. There are many of them rich people building on protected areas....Why the non-national?

    Is it only the Republicans who want to extract the last breath of the planet, Raulito?

    Blasting bold, Steve.