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Monday, November 1, 2010

On Women Presidents and the Electorate

Dilma Rousseff in Porto Alegre. photo: Roberto Stuckert Filho
Digital Journal

"Brazilians went to bed last night, Sunday October 31st, knowing that they had voted for the country's first woman president."

So we did, yes. 56 million of us hit the electronic voting machine to usher in a new era.

 Actually, it was about 8 PM when we found out we had a winner. The town was all party for those on that side of the isle and people had a sense of elation.

On the other, erm, the opposition bowed out of the race gracefully with its chief exponent saying he was only just beginning on the path to a new country. He was saying that the defeat was no defeat at all. Check it to experience. 

Great leaders always think positive and see the light at the end of the tunnel even when faced with apparent adversity. That is commendable.

Photo: Wikipedia - Voting Machine
This writer is entirely apolitical and thinks little of the whole affair. 

Perhaps, he should find jubilation in the fact that a paradigm has been shifted and that now there is a woman calling the shots in high places. However, his cynicism dictates that he should stand on his guard, sit and wait to see what is coming up ahead.

Gool luck, fellow Brazilians with your new choice.


  1. Congratulations! Here's hoping your new president is no "Mama Grizzly."

  2. Ha, ha! Thanks, Intelliwench. The "Grizzly" part. The poor woman is being driven up a wall by "them"... ah, church people and all... She said all the right words to get her elected. But then she mentioned something having to do with Human Rights and all, WE all had to sort of read into it...Actually, WE are waiting.