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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Something Funnily Serious About Hypertension

Everyone knows what to do when the going gets tough and the signs of hypertension that have been poking their ugly heads for a while, well, come to a head.

In Brazil, of course, maybe not everyone is in the know about the ravages of an uncared-for life and people usually take their relative health for granted and will only look for help when it is too late. After all, hypertension is the bane of most middle-agers' life. The young suffer as well.

With that in mind our Health Minister, Miguel Temporão, resorted to a very peculiar way of drawing attention to the fact. Upon urging his fellow Brazilians to eat healthily, exersize frequently and be aware of the dangers lurking in the dark, erm, blood, he mentioned that people should also engage in, well, sex. Yes, sex. Lots of it.

Brazilians, bemused by the suggestion, jumped at the idea with a certain amount of gusto, we would like to think, and others not so, quite. Why? For the very obvious reason that if you are to engage in such an activity, you need someone to help you along with it, right?

That's is what one lady said, when interviewed, that as soon as she found the partner in question, she would be going to be right "on top of it." 



  1. It is ludicrous to ask Brazilians to have more sex...they have to be the sexiest and most sexually active people on the planet...I can attest to
    and all of it was least for me.