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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Women in Power and in Politics

You know what this is
Draft a little text on women in power. Women at the helm. Estrogenic power. Women with bulge (here, quoting a fellow blogger). Add a bit of info on this, that and the other. All factual, of course.

In the Americas, top the text with: Elizabeth Christine Leopoldine Augusta Michaela Gabriella Raphaella Gonzaga, Empress Isabel of Brazil, way back; and then on to Isabel Perón in Argentina, glazed and buried; Michelle Bachelet in Chile, alive and kicking at the UN;  Cristina Kirchner in Argentina, recently widowed; and Dilma Roussef,  president-elect, very much ecstatic, in Brazil. All of them in South America.

Angela Merkel, wielding a lot of power in Germany, Europe. Margaret Thatcher, stubbornly alive, in the UK. 

Indira Gandh in India, Golda Meier in Israel, Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan, the three of them now gone to meet with their Maker. Ellen Jonhson Sirleaf, vivíssima in Liberia, Africa.

Julia Gillard, currently, and Helen Clark, pastly, down under.

In the States, up in this Hemisphere: Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin (yes, she is VERY powerful, you've got no idea....); Madeleine Albright and Condoleeza Rice? These lend their female power to the ocean of testosterone in Washington. Will they ever have a woman president? 

Ah, way, way back, in Egypt, there was Cleopatra. In Brittania: fearless Boudicca all the way up to virginissima Elizabeth Tudor and her golden age; later, Queen Victoria, covered ankles and everything; and, finally, Queen Elizabeth, mother-in-law to Princess Diana. 

Who's missing?


  1. You forgot the most powerful woman on earth: MOTHER NATURE.
    She is such a

  2. Raulito, I think Mother Earth is WITH power(s). Yes, capricious Mother.

  3. Mother Teresa who probably had no legal power whatsoever, but could have had the doors of Kings, Presidents and Popes opened to her without hesitation.

  4. Exactly, Ian. I had completely forgotten about her. She had cojones.