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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Leakey Wikey Bombshells

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Just in case you were wondering whether or not i was going to throw in my two centavos' worth on the whole Wikileaks fall-out, voilà!

For starters, you cannot put the genie back in the bottle and we are in for a whole new series of revelations that will turn the old narrative we are all so used to upside down.

So much the better for i am news-fatigued. It's the same old same old same old agenda-setted BS dripping down on the floor. i've taken to putting a bucket underneath the TV set dripping with pure spin regurgitation. Aren't the leaks merely re-asserting the status quo? What's new under the Sun?

i predict that candid character assessments will soon be a thing of the past and we will learn of other hot stuff ambassadors pen back to their metropolises.

Funnily enough, i  have been very (pruriently) curious about the sexual habits of  some heads of state.... Do not get me wrong. i am no sexual pervert. i am very balanced and happen to know that two plus two makes four. Now, do you think that the highly educated diplomatic personnel could come up with more explosive matériel?

Quite frankly, the stuff i have heard so far about this or that politician, either on this or that side of the pond, is so radacted (and i wanted to say "bowdlerized") you could read it to that bible-thumping aunt you have forgotten you are related to. Boring stuff!

Luckily they will emerge in these notorious cables i had no idea were such simpatico and vivid portrayals of other people's lives in remote corners of the world. Very interesting...

I await with abated breath.

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  1. "you could read it to that bible-thumping aunt you have forgotten you are related to"

    lol.. :) :) Great post

  2. I agree Mauro, there isn't anything new in the leaks. The spin cycle has been turned on because someone had the audacity to leak information in a way officials didn't like.

  3. A dramatic development, kyle. I'm watching to see where this leads... Like watching a movie. Real time.