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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On Untitled Blogposts

we have once read somewhere that those who rule the world are sexually active.

It is now known that the founder of the notorious (famed?) whistle-blowing website stands accused of rape. That is, rape as conceived in that nordic country where it is said he has made his home.

we elevate ourselves one level above the fray to shed light on the murky waters in which the whole affair has been dipped. we shall not elaborate on the details, graphic as they are, due to their run-of-the-mill nature. 

Phallically speaking, erm, symbolically we mean, we witness one individual inflicting "damage". That is, damage as perceived by the damagees... Two of them, we read.

"So what?" you ask.  It is just because we have been itching to poke our noses in the whole affair. We hope to keep them clean, however, for smelling is an art.

As follows: we now know that the brains behind the whole hullaballoo is heterossexually oriented and boasts a busy social agenda with all the prerrogatives... Finelly nuanced psychological details, inclusive. That is, as per what we cull from the orthodox media. You know very well you have got read between the lines: It is what has not been said that is the "deep structure."

we will leave this post unfinished for the dantean task of wrapping our brains around...

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  1. It reminds me in a way of Roman Polanski, the famous film director who was accused of rape and left USA for France to escape trial.
    It will be interesting to see how Sweden and Britain will treat Assange's case.

  2. It kind of does, Duta. However, Roman's case was way more significant in that he was accused of raping a child. Not so with Assange...