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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy New YearImage by tipiro via Flickr
Happy Holidays, Everyone.

Let the Lights of the Season ring in all the Good (plus 10!) we have experienced all through 2010.

May we be afforded the opportunity to forget the bad we have witnessed and to learn from our mistakes.

May our thoughts be enlightened with Wisdom and Goodwill and let us all give ourselves the good stuff we deserve.

Thank you for reading my blogposts.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On Untitled Blogposts

we have once read somewhere that those who rule the world are sexually active.

It is now known that the founder of the notorious (famed?) whistle-blowing website stands accused of rape. That is, rape as conceived in that nordic country where it is said he has made his home.

we elevate ourselves one level above the fray to shed light on the murky waters in which the whole affair has been dipped. we shall not elaborate on the details, graphic as they are, due to their run-of-the-mill nature. 

Phallically speaking, erm, symbolically we mean, we witness one individual inflicting "damage". That is, damage as perceived by the damagees... Two of them, we read.

"So what?" you ask.  It is just because we have been itching to poke our noses in the whole affair. We hope to keep them clean, however, for smelling is an art.

As follows: we now know that the brains behind the whole hullaballoo is heterossexually oriented and boasts a busy social agenda with all the prerrogatives... Finelly nuanced psychological details, inclusive. That is, as per what we cull from the orthodox media. You know very well you have got read between the lines: It is what has not been said that is the "deep structure."

we will leave this post unfinished for the dantean task of wrapping our brains around...

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Ayes Have It! You Gay? You Can Now Serve in the U.S. Military

Kudos to the American Senate. A short time ago, on a freezing Washington afternoon, they met to repeal an anomaly. The Senate votes to end DADT: 65 Yays to 31 Nays. They have put the kibosh on 17 years of political struggle.

The vast majority pressed their yes buttons to rectify what for many is an anachronistic piece of legislation which is fast losing strength (and validity!) in the civilized world... See a previous post on here about this very subject.

For good or evil, now gay and lesbian soldiers will be able to serve in the American military without opprobrium.

To quote from one of Mr Barack Obama's, the American president, Facebook posts: "By ending 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell' no longer will patriotic Americans be asked to live a lie in order to serve the country they love."

We concur in the strongest terms.

Congrats, pals and gals! We are willing to bet that this freezing Washington afternoon has brought lots of warm to many hearts.

An update:

As we write, on Dec 23, president Obama is "wrestling" with the issue as to whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry in the United States.  Mercifully, he seems to be (is?) in favor a "strong, robust civil union available to all gay and lesbian couples."

As expected, his view has prompted some to say that it's okay to kill but not to love. Meanwhile, the discussion rages on and we can all sit tight: the battle ain't finished yet.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Have They Really Found it?

The cure for AIDS, that is.

We have been greeted by the news that doctors in Germany claim to have found treatment to cure the retrovirus. Wonderful, we say. Good news is always welcome in this sea of heartbreak and pain which our world seems to be wallowing in.

It went like this: An American living in Berlin, Germany, had to undergo chemotherapy in 2007 to treat leukemia. A terrible disease that developed after his HIV infection. He was given stem-cell therapy along with standard cancer treatment, and voilà, three years later, there is no sign of any HIV infection in his body. And no cancer... The bone-marrow transplant he has undergone did the trick.

Has he really been cured? Well, if you listen to what this man has to say, and he is none other than the very first expert on AIDS ever, you will be surprised: he has won a Nobel Prize for it; he is Luc Montagnier. Make sure (really, now do it) you see this video on YouTube.

Good news all around. Either way! Water anyone?

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On Ramblings Galore

Mischief with toyImage via Wikipedia
Terrible when people have the goods on you. You are their prisoner. Not unless you come clean and show your hands are free from mischief.

Some people do not understand that. They love these situations.... Or is it because they like lording it over people?

Other people subject themselves to the worst of treatments and to the lowest of standards. They seem to enjoy being slaves to scraps and abuse. No self-esteem?

Surely such situations sooner or later will come back to haunt them.  X or Y. Big time. Then, and only then, they will perhaps realize the foolishness of their acts... These people are to be shown compassion and prayed for.

They are blind.
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Leakey Wikey Bombshells

Logo used by WikileaksImage via Wikipedia
Just in case you were wondering whether or not i was going to throw in my two centavos' worth on the whole Wikileaks fall-out, voilà!

For starters, you cannot put the genie back in the bottle and we are in for a whole new series of revelations that will turn the old narrative we are all so used to upside down.

So much the better for i am news-fatigued. It's the same old same old same old agenda-setted BS dripping down on the floor. i've taken to putting a bucket underneath the TV set dripping with pure spin regurgitation. Aren't the leaks merely re-asserting the status quo? What's new under the Sun?

i predict that candid character assessments will soon be a thing of the past and we will learn of other hot stuff ambassadors pen back to their metropolises.

Funnily enough, i  have been very (pruriently) curious about the sexual habits of  some heads of state.... Do not get me wrong. i am no sexual pervert. i am very balanced and happen to know that two plus two makes four. Now, do you think that the highly educated diplomatic personnel could come up with more explosive matériel?

Quite frankly, the stuff i have heard so far about this or that politician, either on this or that side of the pond, is so radacted (and i wanted to say "bowdlerized") you could read it to that bible-thumping aunt you have forgotten you are related to. Boring stuff!

Luckily they will emerge in these notorious cables i had no idea were such simpatico and vivid portrayals of other people's lives in remote corners of the world. Very interesting...

I await with abated breath.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

On Asking and Telling in the American Military

A lot of horse-trading playing out on American TV screens to repeal a bad policy. Are we moving towards an attitudinal shift?

In times of heated debate as to whether gay people should serve in the military, the American military, an all-volunteer force they say, where killing and maiming is de rigueur, we set about asking ourselves whether it is all really worth it. Why sign up for such a job?

Leafing through America’s Army: making the all-volunteer force by Beth Bailey, we got to this part where one top brass presented his arguments against an all inclusive force: “I am going to be blunt, maybe even a little crude with some of what I say about the infantry and combat,” Colonel Lucian Truscott III (U.S.A.,Ret) told committee members. And proceeded: “The question of gays in the military demands an answer to their serving in a real war, at dirt level, down where men kill and get killed, down where 85 percent of all of the casualties in all of the wars have occurred.”

With the gist of the thing below, Colonel goes on to present his case, forcefully, to the House Committee on Armed Services on the Policy Implications of Lifting the Ban on Homosexuals in the Military, 103rd Cong., 1st sess., May 4–5, 1993.


Down there we need to know: Will he fight? Will he be there when the going
gets tough? Is he willing to take a hill in the pouring rain, walk in
among the enemy dead, see their bloated bodies, the trash, the filth, the
piles of excrement, the stench of that mixed with that horrible sweetish
smell of rotting flesh? Is he willing to push a dead soldier out of a fox hole so
he can get into it? Is this guy willingly [sic] to aim his weapon right at
somebody and kill them? Can he take it if his best friend, the guy he went
through basic training with and shared a hole with for the past 3 months,
gets shot through the middle of his forehead and he has to sit there with
his body all night? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then we
don’t care if he is white or black or brown or red or yellow. We don’t care
if he is Christian, Jew, Muslim, or atheist. We don’t give a damn if he is
gay. We wouldn’t even care if he were a she.

Of course, that was way back in 93! But still... Do you have the bulge?

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