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Thursday, January 13, 2011

On the Driving Rains in Rio de Janeiro

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Update: About 809 dead and counting. Most of the deaths occurred in Nova Friburgo (391). There are also deaths in Teresópolis (327), Petrópolis (66), Sumidouro (22), São José do Vale do Rio Preto (2) and Bom Jardim (1).  Primeira Edição on
24/01/2011 09:30

It is now a yearly occurence in Brazil, especially in the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the driving rains that have little shacks crumble down from the rocky slopes where the little man thought was a safe haven to build his abode.

It is useless to turn in anger to Mother Nature.

The flimsy layer of topsoil that covers that rocks are no foundation for the tiny houses they erect out of makeshift construction materials.

This time the mudslides anf flash floods have taken their toll most forcibly on the populations at the foot of the hills. Heaping mud and debris.

One would have thought that the "Powers That Be" would be somewhat the wiser and by now have reached a consensus as to the relocation of those dislocated families. Naively, that is not the case!

Sharp contrast, though, when one juxtaposes images on international television and sees that even though the pain and heartbreak are the same, the surroundings are different. We mean Brisbane, Australia.

What to say of the monsoons in Sri Lanka?

Surely, one hopes, governments mindful that they are of the tragedies that are apt to happen when the skies open wide, would by now have a contingent plan for the dispossed. Sadly not the reality here in our neck of the world.

Will they just stop photo-opping and quit mouthing off platitudes and move to change the status quo?

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  1. Mauro:
    From the video shown, it seems that the shanty town shacks suffered a similar fate than those more substantial buildings. Misery from Mother Nature does not discriminate, she will drag down in a mudslide rich and poor alike...all they have to do is be on its path.
    Haiti had the first anniversary of its devastating earthquake and the beat goes on.


  2. One of my goals on my bucket list is to see that statue in person.

  3. The tragic flooding has been all over the news here in Boston as well. This may be because of the large Brazilian population here, but I thought you might appreciate knowing that the world is watching. And in reference to your follow up posting - I hope the world is also lending help via donations and volunteers.