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Monday, January 10, 2011

On Gun Ownership North of the Rio Grande

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"After Tucson: Why Are the Mentally ill Still Bearing Arms?" goes the title in Time. Because it is easier to buy a gun in the States than it is to buy fresh vegetables.

"This time, the price for bureaucratic torpor was too high."

Indeed. It is too high. How many lives to be reaped by the grim statistics coming out of the U.S.? Many more.

Unless a complete rethink in the way they conduct their political business and discourse is in the works and given utmost attention, there is a strong probability that we will be seeing many more tragedies akin to the one in Arizona.

It is now proven, crystal-clearly, that the deranged influenced by the inflammatory rhetoric spewing from the mouths of smart (rogue?) politicians and ratings-minded media outlets, will take up their arms and take to the streets gunning down those they think are responsible for their country's woes.

The little man, often, has little or no access to real facts and ignores that the real cause/effect of their ills lies in the hands of a few plutocrats that run the country.

It is imperative that the country recalibrates (pardon the word!) its educational (spiritual?) system and bring about a shift in paradigm. Let this be a warning to politicians, Left, Right and Center, to tone down their political discourse, mindful that they are, surely, of the effects on the recipients of their messages.

Hopefully (and ironically), Representative Gabrielle Giffords, victim of the of this senseless attack will now, upon recovery, revisit her previous pride in gun ownership in hers and other states in the nation.

Oy vey!

As a post scriptum, it is obvious that banning guns will not deflect violence. People will resort to other lethal appendages to carry out their evil intents. We know, however, it is worth trying.


  1. Mauro:
    Very good points and observations...but it is too bad those radicals spewing hatred and calling for violence will never get to read your blog. Hell, it is even questionable if they can read if at all.


  2. Ha ha ha! Raulito... Some of them are very linguistically able!

  3. Mauro, I wish we could get conservatives to at least give semi automatic gun restrictions a try here, but conservatives seem to have too much support in the way of votes and money to even try to oppose them on this. I'm sure Congress will try to do something now, but I think it will some in the form of protecting people in specific public areas versus a restriction on types of weapons that can be legally bought and carried.

  4. Right on, Kyle. It is widely known how deeply enttrenched gun culture is in the United States. Pacifists have their work cut out for them. As we have seen, it is in the "language".

  5. I think it's terrible that people are actually attempting to find institutions or things to blame other than this man.
    Something this horrible isn't the fault of anyone but the person carrying out the act.
    And consider this.
    If the gun laws were more lax, and gun education and safety more a part of the lives of every day people then it is just as likely that this tragedy could have been averted as it is were we to somehow magically ban guns all together.
    And really consider what is being said here.
    People are blaming the spoken and written words of a nation for one mans deranged killing spree and considering censoring themselves to prevent a similar event in the future.
    That is a dangerous and slippery slope.
    If we can't place the blame where it belongs, on this man and him alone, and we instead want to hinder ourselves even further with the already ludicrous overreach of the politically correct mindset than it won't be long until those bearing arms aren't the insane enraged by inflammatory words but people who've been told what words they can and cannot say.

  6. deranged, indeed. Cogent. We believe a whole set of actions are to be taken to preclude tragedies like the one we have heard on the airwaves. And yes, the individual in question should not be redeemed from the blame. However,much has been written about the bellicose debate currently in your radars.

  7. I have never held a gun, in fact I have never ever seen one up close enough to touch it but I recognize that the US is a nation of gun owners and gun enthusiasts and that culture will never change. Good or bad, that's just the way it is and will be.

    What I will say is that if there isn't a decent venue for dialogue but a continuation of the polarization of this nation that pits us against them and makes us want all while they get nothing and makes me right because you are wrong, then the very things that we cherish and wish to save might not be there to save at all.

  8. Obviously, Ian, one cannot generelize and lump the whole nation under one heap. Exceptions must be noted. Thank you.

  9. Politicians have to bear in mind that politics is not only honour and fame it's also dirt(propaganda) and danger(assassination) and should not make a rally look like a picnic, without security men to "sterilize" the place where the rally occurs as was the case in Arizona. As for guns, I think that only policemen , army people and professional hunters should carry them.

  10. Oy vey, Duta! Not the case in the U.S.....