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Sunday, January 16, 2011

On Humanitarian Aid Flowing In

On being Thankful.

Note to self: counteract the effect of the previous post by writing something positive about the humanitarian aid on display on tv screeens all over the country and how ordinary Brazilians are pulling themselves together to pitch in.

Let everyone know that donations are (pardon!) pouring in to help the victims of the landslides and flash floods in Rio de Janeiro.

Have a cup of coffee and toast and hope that the help finds its way to the right hands, cupped that they are, in these painful times. Do not in anyway criticize people's belief in the Divinity even if you think Divine Providence saw it  fit to save some and **** others...

Of course i know She, All Powerful, in Her superiority, does not care two bricks about Who i address my prayers to... Geologists tend to agree with me...

Do not dare to speak your mind lest you provoke those who believe.

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  1. Mauro:
    I'm curious, has the U.S. offered or sent any assistance?

    What other countries have come through?


  2. The Mormons did, Raulito.


  3. Interesting...did they ask any of the recipients if they were gay?

    Or did they just distribute the Book of Mormon along with the blankets?

    I'm just saying...because they are the most selfish and homophobic religion. I am sure they figure they get good press and a few converts out of it...they are not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.


  4. we have to support and promote awareness as much as possible i agree.
    i also remember the old brazilian popular: quando a esmola e demais o santo desconfia"
    let's hope that if they choose to send the BOOK, it will be in english....practice at least? some learned from reading dictionaries...

  5. i have had no access to the details of the lds humanitarian effort, guys. hopefully, it is going to be "disinterested" and done "out of the goodness of their hearts."