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Saturday, January 29, 2011

What if Rio de Janeiro residents face more of the same next year?

People in the state of Rio de Janeiro have seen their share of heartache and witnessed their labours washed down with the mudslides. They have been left with nothing but the clothes they have on. (Digital Journal)

Will Rio de Janeiro residents face more of the same next year?  The opinion piece on  Digital Journal  (follow the link) asks?

Yes, they will. Sounds gruesome, i know, but it is the plain truth. Surely, the worst can be avoided if those in power recognize that they have a huge problem in their hands and rush to solve it. How? By removing people in high risk areas and relocating them off the slippery rocks where they build their makeshift homes.

Also by educating people as to the imminent risks they face when they build their illegal homes on nature's path.

As to the rest of us, we can help by donating our time, effort and money to see that the situation is never repeated. It's 850 dead, and counting!

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  1. I have to assume if your a native to this country you can't be unaware of the danger of a landslide. Hell even if you've never been to this country doesn't common sense do a whole lot more to save people than my dollar will?
    What person worth helping sees a giant dirt hill in a tropically wet country and thinks "I know! Let's build a shanty town!"
    I'm just saying.

  2. Precisely, Cogent. Education and social reform will do the trick. Yes, they are unaware of the dangers...


  3. Mauro, I agree, education is the key to any lasting change for those who are oppressed or socially disadvantaged. Without it, social reform is impossible, as those you seek to help work end up working against you. We all know how that feels no matter what region of the globe we come from. That's also why those with money and influence around the world fight education so fiercely.

  4. True, Kyle. It takes a tragedy to make them wake up and smell the coffee. About one thousand lives lost later...