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Monday, February 21, 2011

On When People Have the Higher Hand

This is a repost

Should we talk about the Arab Revolution unfolding under our very eyes or should we talk about another mine blast that has left 21 dead in Colombia?

Perhaps about another whistle-blowing website
which is now currently in the works to compete with the one we all know? The Royal Wedding of the century?

As to the Arab Revolution and the killing of protestors by mercenaries, we have noticed that the reaction by the Washington-London-Brussels axis is really, really strange. They are not sure whether they say Ay or Nay. Funny to watch. You see, leaders in those power zones have to come out and say something. Usually, very funny. Or not. THERE is a lot at stake...

Plus the fact that there is an endemic under-reporting of "substance" (spin!) here in our side of the pond... Why bother?

Mine blasts have become banal. We need not waste our breaths on the subject. New Zealand, China, Chile, Colombia, The United States...

Whistle-blowing web sites? There must be more than meets the eye. Let us think...

The Royal Wedding to which neither the Obamas nor Elton John have been invited. Folks over in the British Isles need the diversion. It is also a billion-dollar business in China: plates, spoons, and portraits...

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  1. Unfortunately Mauro when extraordinary things become common place they become footnotes, trivia to be ignored. That is the way with human nature.

    thanks for the vote, I appreciate that


  2. You are welcome, Raulito. Perhaps if we spread the word, we will make folks more aware of the "wider" world.


    Yours Truly.

  3. When the price of oil rises in a few months if not sooner, you'll see what we're talking about.

  4. That should be in the works, Ian...