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Friday, March 25, 2011

On How to Stop Bullying

Craft unfinished text. Research.

We've all seen the alarming video by now. Are we glorifying violence?

While bullying is reprehensible is more ways than one, the scenes we have just witnessed give us all reason to rethink school-yard behavior.

As is clear in the story, the bullyed child had had enough of the daily abuse and decided to grab the bull by the horns. While most TV shows exploiting the video for ratings and fodder for their mostly ..., eye-brows are raised in more peaceful quarters.

Parents have to take a more hands-on approach when the push comes to shove (no pun!). How in the world could that child be enduring years of abuse without his parents taking action to stop what many view as...

Schools are apparently immune to criticism. Not anymore.

Steps have to be taken for schools to include more sports and other physical activities in their curriculum. Clearly those children need to vent all their pent-up emotions...

Is TV viewing to blame? The so-called Cultural Industry prevalent in Anglo-Saxon countries (Nope, globally, remember imports...) in which nitrogliceryn is the norm and violence is the daily bread. Gaming. Computers?

In Australia:

In Brazil, in Alagoas state.

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  1. It is very disturbing indeed. It reminds me of my experiences with bullies when I was a kid in Cuba. It has to do with establishing who is the Alpha male and who is the King of the Hill. Unfortunately our society has placed its seal of approval on "The survival of the fittest" and all things being equal, they are not because some kids are bigger and stronger than others.
    great post

  2. Thanks, Raul... So have I. The verbal kind. Fortunately it got better...


  3. When I was about 14 years old, I had a bully much like this little kid and I was overweight like the other kid in the video. When I finally stood up to my bully, I was so angry that I almost choked him to death. If my mom had not run out of the house and stopped me, I don't know if I would have been able to. This video reminds me of that because the boy being bullied was pushed over the edge. Thanks goodness nobody got seriously hurt.

  4. It is the accumulation of emotions, Mickey. One on top the other that will finally do the trick! And luckily for you, you still there, intact. And the bully, I assume.

  5. A very sad scene. I think this keeps happening because our global society constantly reinforces the primal idea that bullying is a right of passage, a way to weed out the weak. We need to get away from that thinking. Humanity no longer has to be ruled by its animalistic nature. We are beings of thought and soul that shape our surroundings; we are not just animals trying to survive the unforgiving natural world.

    Great anti-bullying resources Mauro.

  6. Thanks, Kyle! You add to my text...

  7. Read de Lennon's music and imegine there's no heaven. Imagine only sky. I am here Mauro Paim.

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    You may say,
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  8. Thanks, Thonny! Nice blog you got yourself.