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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On When it is International Women's Day

No testosterone today. I pay homage to this pool of Estrogen that is part of my life. Congrats, gals, girls and gurls!

Here, on the Third Rock From the Sun, some of you are at the helm in nations near and far. Some of you have been enslaved in countries we rarely have a glimpse of in the news.

Plus, some of you are dying for lack of care. Some of you are fighting wars. Some of you are being abused and hacked to death. Some of you are carrying bricks in bonded labor in exotic countries to the East. Some of you are playing soccer on our side of the pond. 

And still, some of you are cooking lunch and getting your kids ready for school. Some of you spend years of your lives picking up your kids from school. 

Some of you are just taken for granted. Some of you don't even know you could be what you want to be.

As the Sun comes up every morning, may you accomplish much more than you have so far while keeping in mind that there are still some of you still under the yoke of tyrannies, ideological or otherwise.

Of course, some of you are not superwomen; it is written in songs, watch:

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  1. I have two daughters and a 95 yr. old mom. So I know what the plight of women might be like. The thing to keep in mind is that we have to be fair to everyone alike regardless of sex, sexual orientation or race...that is the decent thing to do.
    Those who do not, like some cultures where women are relegated to second class status will eventually have to face reality and erase all of that sexist tradition.


  2. I have three sisters. Lucky they are to live in a country with their relative freedoms. And to be able to choose...

  3. Lovely post and song!
    The shoe in the picture makes me smile. Very few women can move naturally on such high, thin heels.

  4. You are right, Duta. They are trained to do so. And thanks!