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Saturday, April 30, 2011

On the Storm Tossed Southern U.S.

Hurricane RitaImage by alpoma via Flickr
Unrestrictedly, our thoughts of compassion go out to those affected by the whirling twisters in the south of the United States.

Despite our efforts to defeat Mother Nature with technology, She always finds a way to pummel us with Her long, almighty arm.

This blog has written on the subject of natural disasters before. By the way, "disaster" means not being connected to the "stars". Precisely on that point, we have used a bit of sarcasm and irony in our "repartees".

However, when we see it on TV the heartache and pain people experience when they lose the last nail on their houses, we cannot help but feel touched.

We are glad, though, we have not read bible-thumpers and the like, especially as the region is famously/notoriously known for, to have come forward with their tales of fire and brimstone. If they have, we are not particularly keen on learning so.

The good thing, we read in American online sources, is that volunteers are stepping in to help those most afflicted. Community at its best. Nice going, we say!

Capping it off,  we would think that building sturdier housing on the well beaten hurricane/twisters path, capable of withstanding the brunt of the storms (this is where the authorities come in), so that folks would be able to preserve that beloved photo they hold dear to their hearts, is an alternative to beating Mother Nature at her own game.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Gay Unions in Brazil - Are They Going to Happen This Time? Yes!

It's now official! 

The Brazilian top court - Supremo Tribunal Federal -  is to decide on May 4th, 2011, in a plenary session, whether gay unions are legally binding. Two cases have made it onto the list of trials for the day.

The LGBT community is ecstatic in that if this miracle should ever happen, their lives will become a lot easier.

Judges' lives as well.

Our magistrates find themselves having to resort to acrobatics to recognize same-sex unions and they have a particular hard time when it comes to the division of assets, inheritance, plus this, that and the other.

Same-sex relationships are a fact of life and there is no denying that gay folks need all the help they can get when push comes to shove and they find themselves in legal problems.

There are state courts all over the country, already on the forefront, which have given same-sex couples the support they need.

Writing for the STF, Justice Carlos Ayres Britto - in response to one such case brought to the court by the governor of Rio de Janeiro - has recently told the
O Globo newspaper that we are in for a nice surprise.

You will get a cookie if you guess who is trying to throw a monkey wrench (some of you say spanner...) in the works...

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On Young Lives Gone Down the Drain

Lawrence Brook (Westons Mill Pond section) and...Image via Wikipedia
A grand jury in Middlesex County, New Jersey, handed down a 15-count indictment on Wednesday charging former Rutgers University freshman, Dharun Ravi, with bias intimidation and other charges connected to his roommate Tyler Clementi's suicide.


Perhaps this accusation of wrongdoing will preclude further acts of inanity. So much for videotaping room-mates in their intimate moments... Or anyone else for that matter unless categorically consensual.

It is high time we get in touch with our own sexuality and begin to educate and sensitize ourselves to the plight other people might be experiencing.

We have, absolutely, no right to engage in such selfish acts as if to self-aggrandize ourselves in the eyes of the community.

It is a pity, however, that such young lives have been ruined, for retrograde mentalities abound north (and south) of the Rio 
Grande. Hopefully this will teach us all a lesson. For what people do with their lower abdomens is none of our business.

Further, activists and other folks in various continents have their work cut out for them in an effort to bring more awareness to campuses and  their society at large.  Digressing slightly, tormenting others and bullying them into accepting our own monolithic paradigms may not be the best way forward. 

Change, shifts in consciousness, elevations of souls, and societal evolution are facts. They are tidal. They are tsunamic.  They will happen sooner than we can possibly contemplate. As in plate tectonics...

One life lost is one life too many. 

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Friday, April 8, 2011

On the School Shootings in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pictured here is Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, aged 23, school shooter in Rio de Janeiro. It all happened on Thursday morning. He gunned down 11 children and left 13 wounded.

Top level authorities, The president of the country, inclusive, were on hand to lend their support to the bereaved. The nation is shocked.

He left a letter behind him. Translated by this blog, it says: 

"Firstly, the impure shall not touch me without wearing gloves, only the chaste or those who have lost their chastity after marriage and who have not been involved in adultery are allowed to touch me without wearing gloves, rather, no fornicator or adulterer will have direct contact with me; nothing that is impure is to touch my blood; no impure is to contact a virgin without their permission; those who are handling my burial are to remove my clothing, bathe me, dry me and wrap me, unclad, in a white sheet which is located in this building, in a bag I left in the first room on the first floor; after wrapping me in this white sheet, they are to place me in my coffin. 

If possible, I should like to be buried next to where my mother sleeps; my mother is Dicéa Menezes de Oliveira and she is buried in the Murundo Cemetery. 

I need the visit of a faithful follower of God to my burial place at least once; I need him to pray before my grave asking God to forgive me for what I have done and ask Jesus, on his second coming, to awaken me from death to eternal life."

He goes on to say that he has left a house in such and such a place and that it should be donated to animal causes, "Animals are neglectected beings and they are in need of much love and affection, more than humans...." and he ends the letter by begging people to display common sense and do his bidding.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

On How to Take a Beating*

The video below showed *bully hitting gay boy at a public school in Mata Grande in the state of  Alagoas, Brazil.

Put simply: the reason is that thee gay boy, named Lady Gaga, would have spread rumors that he and the bully had had "an affair" and everyone is talking about it (tongue-waggers all!). "Aren't they BOTH gay?" you may be asking. Yes, i'd say. Now, THIS is Latin America... Or, boys at this age want to have their cake and eat it, too...

The bully and the video shooter have been suspended. Outcry on You Tube: "Where were the school authorities?" We now know that after the suspension, the students will be attending school in different shifts... Imagine the tension...

Is this bullying or what? Should he take on somebody his own size? Or should they break up in public, (globally...), and then turn around and "make up" big time? I say:  "make up" and then videotape it all, **age-appropriately (OF COURSE!), and let us all know. (Video's been removed for inciting hatred)

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On Incest - Should it be Legalized?

"In Genesis 19:30–38, after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot's two daughters conspire to inebriate and seduce their father due to the lack of available partners. Lot had warned his children of the holy laws against their incestuous action, but was rebuked. In this same Book of the Bible, Lot is seen being spared from the punishment of perversion in Sodom and Gomorrah, rallying against incestuous marriage, and engaging in incest in the closest of genetic relationships. A possible resolution of this is that Lot was said to be unaware (asleep, presumably) during the repeated intercourse with his daughters. Genesis 19:34-35. Both had male children (their brothers, and sons) who were identified as progenitors of the Moab and Ammon people.

In one of the tales of a wife confused for a sister, Abraham claims that his wife Sarah is also his half-sister, on his father's side. However, in the rabbinic literature, Sarah is considered Abraham's niece (the daughter of his brother, Haran)." Wikipedia

Then we have the Greco-Roman gods...

Not that we (i love the editorial "we" - i sound professorial.) are being provocative, incest has kind of been in the airwaves recently so we thought we should scribble a few lines about it. We have kicked off, as you can see from the introduction, with the Bible, specifically the Old Testament (The Torah).

Even though we cringe at the thought of  "sleeping with relatives as having a primarily biological motive - a human instinct to prevent defective genes being passed down" (BBC), many do engage in intrafamiliar sexual relations and don't make much of it (Ah, they do! They say it is love). They have kids. And they do (have been doing) it for yeeeeeears. Sounds like aeons...

In our neck of the woods, in the northeastern state of Maranhao, we read of a man who has fathered children with his daughter and then when about to father more children with his daughter's daughter, his daughter, his grand-daughter(?), he was caught.... Phew!

Elsewhere in this whole wide world, places like Austria, Britain, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Sweden, Switzerland, The U.S., they do it, too. Rich and poor.

Ah, they have even found a name for the "practice", it is called: Genetic Sexual Attraction. Genetic Sexual Attraction is an internet site as well.

Here's a Brazilian movie on the very topic:  Shivers...

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