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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Gay Unions in Brazil - Are They Going to Happen This Time? Yes!

It's now official! 

The Brazilian top court - Supremo Tribunal Federal -  is to decide on May 4th, 2011, in a plenary session, whether gay unions are legally binding. Two cases have made it onto the list of trials for the day.

The LGBT community is ecstatic in that if this miracle should ever happen, their lives will become a lot easier.

Judges' lives as well.

Our magistrates find themselves having to resort to acrobatics to recognize same-sex unions and they have a particular hard time when it comes to the division of assets, inheritance, plus this, that and the other.

Same-sex relationships are a fact of life and there is no denying that gay folks need all the help they can get when push comes to shove and they find themselves in legal problems.

There are state courts all over the country, already on the forefront, which have given same-sex couples the support they need.

Writing for the STF, Justice Carlos Ayres Britto - in response to one such case brought to the court by the governor of Rio de Janeiro - has recently told the
O Globo newspaper that we are in for a nice surprise.

You will get a cookie if you guess who is trying to throw a monkey wrench (some of you say spanner...) in the works...

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  1. What can I say Mauro? Only that your country is far ahead of America in so many aspects.

    saludos and congratulations


  2. We are all with our fingers crossed, Raulito.